Millenium Cave

Guaranteed to be one of the highlights of your trip to Vanuatu, the Millennium Cave Tour is a spectacular adventure.

You’ll hike over primitive jungle paths, climb up and down bamboo ladders, scramble over big boulders, float down a gorgeous, pristine river, participate in a special local ceremony, enjoy a picnic in paradise and make your way through the massive Millennium Cave. By the end of the day you’ll be exhausted but exhilarated.

Be prepared for a physical challenge; this tour has a well deserved reputation for being hard and you’ll need a reasonable level of fitness to complete the tour.

You’ll also need good shoes, water, a few snacks and a picnic lunch, which our chef is happy to pack for you. A waterproof camera is a good idea.

Past guests said:

“This is a TRUE jungle adventure. It’s insane. It’s EPIC! The things you will witness on this guided hike into the world of Indiana Jones will be burned into the back of your brain for the rest of your life!”
“There were eight tour guides for our group of ten. They were professional, safety conscious and knowledgeable. They soon work out who and where to help and step back if not needed; but when you need a hand up, there it is, with a big smile.”

“The scenery was out of this world beautiful.”

“I had a few sore muscles the next day but it was nothing a day on the beach and some cocktails wouldn’t cure.”

If you don’t like a bit of danger then you’re probably best staying at home.”

“Be bold, it’s magical!”


Champagne Beach

Enjoy a relaxing day at beautiful Champagne beach.

Rated one of the best beaches on the planet, this little piece of paradise has crystal clear waters and fine powder white sand you won’t want to leave.

Bring a picnic, your swimwear and a camera and soak up the perfection of this spectacular beach.

Champagne Beach Espiritu Santo Vanuatu


Blue Holes

The legendary blue holes of Santo are fed by underground freshwater springs and filtered by limestone, resulting in the bluest, clearest water you will ever see. These exquisite freshwater swimming pools have to be seen to be believed.

Santo has 3 blue holes open to the public – Nanda, Matevulu and Riri.

The Nanda Blue Hole has a wooden deck and stairs making it popular with tourists, however our favourite is Matevulu. It is stunningly beautiful and equipped with a spectacular rope swing. Start low or climb right up into the banyan tree for an exhilarating flight through the jungle air!


Port Olry

Port Olry is the second largest community on the island of Espiritu Santo and boasts one of the most beautiful white sand beaches you’ll ever see.

Local bungalows sit on the foreshore giving the ambience of absolute tropical paradise.

You can have lunch at one of the locally owned restaurants on the beach and meet the locals going about their day to day activities.

Relax and unwind at Port Olry, also spelled Port Orly


Riri River Canoe Trip

Enjoy the stunning Riri River from a local ‘dugout’ canoe.

Your guide will paddle the canoe so you can enjoy the gorgeous river, tropical jungle, electric blue dragonflies, birds and fish.

You’ll eventually arrive at Riri Blue Hole, a huge freshwater pool of iridescent blue, where you can swim and snorkel.

Bring drinking water, a hat, sunscreen, swimwear, snorkelling gear, a towel and shoes that can get wet.

Paddle a local Dugout canoe down the Riri River in Vanuatu


Island Time Kayaking

If you’d like a bit of activity to accompany all your relaxing and sightseeing, a guided Island Time Kayaking Tour is for you.

Located between the turnoffs for Oyster Island and Turtle Bay Lodge, you’ll be greeted upon arrival by a sign saying ‘Welcome to Paradise’. They’re not exaggerating, it’s a beautiful part of the world.

You’ll paddle up the river guided by a friendly local, enjoying fantastic scenery and wildlife along the way, before reaching the absolutely delightful Matevulu Blue Hole.

Bring your swimming and snorkelling gear so you can enjoy this crystal clear freshwater blue hole to full advantage.

Bring a camera too. The guide will give you a dry bag before you set off.

Upon return you’ll enjoy a plate of fresh fruit. You’re welcome to relax and enjoy the fabulous snorkelling right out front – there’s even a plane wreck!



Espiritu Santo is a diver’s paradise. The island is world-renowned for its wreck dives, particularly the magnificent SS President Coolidge, the largest, most accessible shipwreck in the world.

Sunk by a friendly mine in 1942, the former luxury ocean liner turned World War II troop ship lies close to shore and is virtually intact. The Coolidge rests in 20 – 70 metres (66 – 231 feet) of clear, calm water. Divers can spend many days exploring this wreck.

Million Dollar Point is another favourite dive location. The result of a gamble that didn’t pay off, Million Dollar Point came about when the Americans drove thousands of tonnes of military gear into the water after British and French authorities refused their offer to sell the equipment at a reasonable price, expecting they’d get it for free anyway because it would be left behind.

At Deco Stop Lodge we recommend Allan Power Dive Tours, a professional team who offer guided dives as well as dive courses for all levels.



You’ll experience some of the most fabulous snorkelling of your life on Espiritu Santo. There are reefs all along the coast and once you’re in the water you’ll see an enormous variety of tropical fish and corals. Many visitors especially enjoy the cute little orange and white clownfish.

Don’t be tempted to eat the fish though – reef fish in the tropical waters of Vanuatu often contain ciguatera, a toxin that can make you very sick.


Lleweton Custom Village

Just 10 minutes from town you can experience a variety of activities in a custom village.

Receive a warrior’s welcome to the village, prepare the local drink kava, learn to make a fire, weave a basket, and sample traditional foods.

Enjoy the men dancing powerfully to a bamboo beat, and witness the women’s unique water music – played by their hands striking the water.

Traditional water dancing, Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu


A Day in the Village

“This is an amazing experience for an Australian family.”

As you travel around Espiritu Santo you’ll notice hundreds of tiny villages nestled into the landscape.

The buildings look primitive by Western standards but the residents are happy, always smiling and waving as you drive past.

If you’d like to go into one of the villages and spend a day with the people who live there, this is your chance. It’s like visiting a friend you haven’t met yet.

Mary is a woman with a bubbly personality and an infectious laugh. She will teach you how to weave a traditional basket like those you see in the markets, how to shell out coconuts and how to prepare delicious island foods. She’ll take you to her market garden and you’ll enjoy a swim in her gorgeous private water hole, which is as good as anything else you’ll see.

Read what other guests have said about A Day in the Village.


World War II History

Santo was home to 100,000 military personnel during the second World War. It boasted five airfields and four hospitals.

In fact, if you arrive at Espiritu Santo by air, you’ll land at Pekoa International Airport, the only World War II airport still in use today.

History buffs will enjoy visiting war remnants literally scattered around the island, and listening to stories about Santo during the war.

Lt James A. Michener, author of the famous ‘Tales of the South Pacific’, was based here. You can visit his house as well as a military hospital, old runways, planes crashed in the jungle and more.

There’s also a brand new museum being built in Luganville.

World War II history tour Vanuatu


Fishing Charters

While in Santo, take the opportunity to test yourself against a mahi mahi, tuna, wahoo, marlin, or a variety of other local fish.

Fishing charters are available for everyone from the novice to the serious game fisherman.

Charters are available for full day (7 hours) or half day (4 hours) and include all gear and refreshments.


Island Hopping Tours

Island Hopping is the perfect combination of relaxing and exploring. We cruise around some of the smaller outer islands, stopping off for a snorkel in crystal clear tropical waters over pristine reefs.


Motor Vehicle Hire

Two Jeep Wranglers and a Hyundai Tucson are available for hire.

What a great way to see the island at your own pace!

Jeep Wranglers for hire, Deco Stop Lodge, Vanuatu


Scooter Hire

Get up close and personal to the sights of Santo! Feel the sun on your skin and the wind in your hair with one of our hire scooters, available for daily or longer hire.

You need a current car drivers licence, and we provide helmets.

What better way to experience this tropical paradise – so much fun!

Scooter Hire Deco Stop Lodge Espiritu Santo Vanuatu


Mountain Bike Hire

Mountain bikes are available for hire for those that want to explore the surrounds or just zip into town between dives or meetings.

Mountain Bike Hire, Deco Stop Lodge


Island Massage

Unwind with a relaxing, pampering massage with local, natural coconut oils.

There are several practitioners – talk to us about our favourites.

Enjoy a relaxing massage at Deco Stop Lodge Vanuatu



Espiritu Santo has a nine-hole golf course overlooking Palekulo Bay and Ambae Island.

Non-golfers can also enjoy swimming and snorkelling at the beach in front of the club house.

There is a tournament on the last Sunday of every month, with a BBQ lunch.

Just enquire at our office if you want to play while in Santo.

Golf Deco Stop Lodge Espiritu Santo Vanuatu

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